Cameras… Harley’s… Crossroads

When it comes time to see this country, embrace a large dose of freedom and fresh air which is good for the mind and soul, traveling by motorcycle is one of the best ways to go.

But adding camera equipment, clothing for all types of weather conditions, and even a sleeping bag can be quite magical.

Songs have been sung, stories have been written, and movies have been made concerning this type of experience.

Anticipating and  getting ready for such a dream come true. This is what you’ll need to hit the open road with your camera:

Pre-trip check list…


Camera equipment

Bungee chords

The Glides,”Harley’s” pre-trip inspection and service

Clothing list

Leathers, a jacket, and chaps

Wallet with money and cards

Cell phone, Ipad, and Ipod with chargers


Leatherman utility tool

Emerson super cqc-8


Good to go!

Once leaving the busy and hectic freeways accompanied with the stop and go traffic of Southern California with all its grayish colors and hardness of concrete and steel with tense drivers white knuckling their steering wheels as if choking the air out of their own lives, one can start feeling energized and the twinkle in an observant photographer’s internal eye awakens.

Nothing like being on the open road for days or even just hours and approaching a gigantic mountain side, interesting crossroads, or even a flat plain in the middle of nowhere which can be full of life and eye-popping scenery. I wondered, “Where to now?”

With the Harley’s v-twin engine still running, I kicked the kickstand out and got off. With camera in hand, viewing the scape through the camera lens, I realize in a moment of clarity… “I am already here, I have arrived!”

Thus, the camera is pointed towards a scenic view and, with a slight twist of the camera’s focusing lens and quick press of its shutter release button, memories and art have just occurred.
Motoring with photography as a companion is unparalleled.