How-To Steps on Preparing Oneself for Taking Photographs

1. This is probably thee most important step. Treat your camera equipment like a master tradesman would treat his favorite and most used tool. Make sure the eyepiece and lens are dust-free & smudge-free by using a non-scratching cloth.

2. If using film, always have an extra roll of film on hand. If digital, an extra SD card should be on hand. One could take his/her absolute last photograph and then, when least expected, there’s one more that could be taken.

3. Always have an extra battery on hand. There’s nothing like all of a sudden the camera quits due to being “out of gas.”

4. It helps if one is willing and able to walk,  even jog, all throughout the course of a day from before the sun is up until the sun goes down. Climbing, crawling, kneeling, and also patiently waiting could be in one’s horizons.

5. Always have money debit, or a credit card on hand. There’s nothing like when unexpected tragedies arise concerning camera equipment or a quick fix that needs to be done.

6. If photographing via motorcycle, please bring a plastic bag to cover the equipment and the equipment’s bag just in case it rains or snows. Even a little dew in the air will destroy equipment. Cameras, lenses, & water do not mix.

7. Have a clear camera lens cover. These work great to keep lenses scratch free.

8. There are more ideas I can give but a lot of this is common sense mixed with experience. Two cameras and two lenses are better than one just in case one set-up breaks. So in saying, you will be multiplying steps 1-7 by two.