A Testimonial from New Yorker, International Fine Artist & Friend: Elliot B.



I love the story attached to the photos.

And how poignant your statement–“it can be done!”

A great artist, scientist, always takes a risk-and is never satisfied.

Your boldness paid off – whether you had been successful or not!

Exploring a new vision, the possibilities that may exist – this is what makes the world grow – as well as the individual.

Here, the sequence of your photos tell a beautiful story – and, no one can say anything more than that the blue angel jet, lit in ferocious lights, is nothing less than awesome!

I will be looking at all the photos you sent me–I am thinking about my personal interpretation of them. They may not be what you intended, and my resonance may also be based on my own way of seeing life… but it seems to me… that there is a “religious,” if not a holy or sacred thread weaving throughout your work.

Again, this is a strictly personal view. But, rest assured, in confidence, I can defend my analysis!! – But it is still forming…


Another Testimonial from New Yorker, International Fine Artist & Friend: Elliot


This set of 4 pics you just sent – are magnificent! I will definitely save them (actually I saved the others as well).

I am so glad you sent this email to explain the pics in terms of location.

I don’t know what else to add — I will refer to them as “The Magnificent Four”—–

In particular, the Yankee structure photo, and the Prague piece, touch me enormously (but this is because I am so fond of the subject matter)… and, I love the angles, perspectives, and the gorgeous light sleuthing down and around the statue and its columns…

… You are enormously accomplished… and I am honored and lucky that Ricky made this connection…



A Continuing Testimonial from New Yorker, International Fine Artist & Friend: Elliot


I don’t think I can ever tire of viewing the 14 images you just sent me.

Yes, you had sent me the Prague castle hallway–but here, the light appears exquisite.

—That is a good word for now, to describe the pictures you sent–“exquisite.”

I am embarrassed that I made any previous suggestions… and I admit that my suggestions early on are not applicable…

This irrigation scene–it is like some sort of god posted in the middle of the Earth – it reminds me of creation itself – when there was just mist – and the beginning separation from the heavens and the Earth–my personal reflections may not be shared by others– but it is applicable to valuable art – that pictures evoke personal reflections … and yours do that for me… Elliot

Additional Testimonial from New Yorker, International Fine Artist & Friend: Elliot

Alfredo is a pro!

There is plenty to say about these works.
Is the artist self taught, trained, both?

I feel two directions pursued , or in conflict, or yet to reach maturation. The photos contain elements of both high scale illustrations-and fine art.

This is an individual choice of course. But, I believe, it’s resolution, needs to be fine tuned.
A specific direction addressed- either to the universal transcendent quality of a photo- or the elegant majesty of both illustration.

Actually. I may be making this division too large an issue. The part I am trying to resolve- is what is missing? This- because it is such a full and beautiful portfolio of photos.
It is enormously impressive and I, naturally, would love to dissect, equate,connect, experiment, study and enjoy these photos more.

Essentially, the bar is high here, considering the successful constructions of each photo- but, like any artist with an unleashed passion the question arises- where do I go from here..in order to break my already high number of pull-ups.

From a quick look- which I will do again- and which may change or reverse the entire discourse of my first impression…..I believe that ………..the light, lightings, in the photos may be something to delve into………….elliot.