The Dos & Don’ts When Photographing a Wedding

DO have 2 cameras, 2 lenses, 2 batteries, etc……. Two of everything just in case of equipment failure for this is some one’s most important day.

DO start taking intimate photographs of the couple days, maybe even weeks, before the actual wedding at various locations. The couple’s favorite park, beach, etc……morning and afternoon light works best.

DO get to know the couple and family in a good light-hearted manner. This is a joyous occasion for all. This also goes for the photographer.

DO get to know the person who is doing the wedding especially the priest, rabbi, minister, or justice of the peace, captain. etc… Ask for permission if you can photograph in the facility. Ask if your camera’s flash can be used and how close can you get to the ceremony. Ask if there is a sacred area where one cannot photograph. Respect is warranted.

DO wear proper clothing for the wedding. No need to wear a tux or suit-type attire for you will be moving around a lot. Slacks and a nice shirt and shoes will suffice.

DO arrive at the wedding location much earlier then the actual wedding to get yourself comfortable with the surroundings.

DO deliver the final product AKA photographs on time. Good customer relations do go a long way.

DO introduce yourself as much as possible to all the family and guests at the wedding.

DO save your favorite and best photographs of the wedding for they could be used as a resume.

DO bring your business cards. You never know.

DO have fun when you have a few minutes to spare. Eat a little, dance a little, it is a joyous day!


DO NOT do any mind-altering substance or drink alcohol before or during the wedding.

DO NOT get involved with any family disputes. It’s none of your business.

DO NOT let anyone use your cameras. One little accident could ruin the day.

DO NOT keep personal items in your clothing such as wallets, keys, loose change, etc…..keep it all in your camera’s pack or keep it all hidden somewhere in the wedding’s facility.

DO NOT be sick if possible

DO NOT not show up. If you cannot show up, get another photographer quickly.

DO NOT photograph the wedding in a bad mood. Leave it at home.