You Never Know Unless You Try

I have found out that in real life and also in one’s deep passions like photography that there can come a time when people will criticize, laugh, and even ridicule one just for trying.

Right before the twilight evening segment was going to begin at one of the Miramar Air Station’s air shows, I proceeded to set up my tripod,  re-load my Minolta SLR with fresh film,  hook up the cable release, and covered the eye piece, placing it in bulb position.

I noticed that the other photographers that were there were from very prestigious magazines, one from an aviation magazine and even one from an institution from D.C. All of them were all putting their equipment away.

One of these photographers asked me, “What are you doing and whatever you are going to try and do cannot be done.”

My response to this was, “I was invited by the graphic artist from the Miramar Air Station to photograph their air-shows so I’m going to at least give this a try!”

Realistically, this was ALMOST impossible to do because the subject matter, “the blue angel jets” were hundreds of feet away, the sun had already faded, sporadic explosions were about to commence so in essence I was not quite sure what and when I was going to shoot… for my camera was pointed at almost complete darkness and shadows.

I then proceeded to take an estimated wild guess on aperture, f-stop, etc…

In the wink of an eye, a pyrotechnic explosion burst and my cable release button was twice pressed quickly.

The following year, the graphic artist from Miramar explained to me that this shot helped Miramar Air Station win “Best International Air Show” of the year and it is shown in the following year’s air show magazine.

Alfredo Calderon Photography

The same people that informed me that this could not be done were also at the following year’s air show. I showed them the air show’s magazine in which this photograph was published. I did have to show and tell them all,  “Sometimes all one has to do is try!”

Eyes & mouths were widely open was the next scene.