About the Photographs

Alfredo's Photography
All photographs/images were taken in their most natural state. Nothing is choreographed. Many were done by chance, luck, premonition, and in the blink of an eye. One shot, one chance. Real life scenarios.

The majority of the photographs were taken using pre-digital Minolta cameras with Tamron lenses. The fine art black & white photographs were taken from various locations, all utilizing natural light.

Alfredo Calderon PhotographyWhite 1/2 – 1″ borders can be added to any size photo for easy frame-only  access or frame with mat access.

All photographs are printed on high-quality paper. Prints can be ordered in a variety of sizes.

The black & white photograph pictured above won Best Black & White Photograph of the Year in San Diego Magazine. Also, this photo is currently on display at the new San Diego Public Library as of September 2013.

In the Prague section of my photography gallery, all photos have been copyrighted.

Military-type photographs were initially done on slide film and then transferred onto disks. The same goes for all other film photographs.

In the summer of 2011, I purchased a Nikon D7000 with Nikor 18-200 to add to my collection of cameras. Photographs from NYC during the 9/11/11 ceremonies, political events, theological-oriented occasions, and a few others were taken with this new Nikon.