Meet the Photographer

Alfredo's Photography

My name is Alfredo Calderon and I’ve been a San Diego resident all of my life and the weather does keep me here. 🙂

I am a retired union construction worker by trade that worked on large engineering projects such as bridges & freeways, underground main pipeline operations and a bit of mining since 1989.

When a camera was given to me as a birthday present in the early 90’s, automatically and instinctively the camera & I had a kinship.

So whenever time allows to do so, traveling by plane or motorcycle with my camera was inevitable.

When I’m traveling, I can see people, places, & things as if viewing life with a new pair of glasses. Life can look and feel anew.
I have had photographs on display in San Diego’s cafes, restaurants, and galleries.

I also have had the privilege of doing freelance work for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corp. at Miramar Air Station located in San Diego, California taking photographs of air-shows. The Army’s parachute drill team “The Golden Knights” invited me to take photographs of the precision skydiving drills during one of these air-shows.

I have photographs that are published in the Navy/Marine Corp historical book, “Fightertown,U.S.A. A Tribute to NAS Miramar.”

In addition to the historical book, my photography has graced the pages of numerous Miramar Air Station air-shows program magazines. One of the photographs that I took during the second part of the air-show helped Miramar Air Station win the award for Best International Air Show.

I also snapped an inspiring photograph that ended up in the White House in Washington D.C. Afterwards, I received a letter of gracious appreciation from a former president.

I have taken photographs for many special events including weddings and family portraits.

Recently, I entered a competition at the “El Prado” building in San Diego’s main park called Balboa Park.
A jury of three accepted my works and invited me to display my photograph portfolio in Balboa Parks Spanish Art Village and to also be a member there of.

I do hope that, in the future, I may continue taking photographs/images of people, places, and things for they are all art.